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    In the daily inquiry and inquiry of customers, the model of Yangzhou food mechanical treatment may not be available in the past.

    In this case, we will develop new models and respond to customer requirements while carefully considering market demand.



    Request by phone (+86 20 3106 8781) or email.

    Then, we will ask the customer about the shape, size, weight and so on.


    Investigate market demand

    Investigate and develop the market potential of this food production machine.

    That is, master the future sales forecast as correctly as possible. If the expected sales volume is very low, we may carefully refuse customers.


    R & D meeting

    In order to meet the requirements of customers, we held a development meeting, conducted technical research, and determined the shape, size, weight and production capacity of food.


    Basic design / simulation

    Based on the development meeting, we determine the molding method, size, weight, material and power consumption of the machine. In addition, the design will take into account the simplicity of maintenance.

    If necessary, make a model, such as the forming method, and check the forming quality in more detail.


    Design Scheme

    The engineer drew the machine drawing based on the basic design and simulation.


    Prototype Production

    According to the drawings, we will manufacture the parts, assemble the completed parts and complete the prototype.


    Commissioning / Improvement

    We confirm whether the food required by the customer is ready through trial operation.

    If you don't get the food you expect, we will draw new drawings for improvement, make new parts, and continue to test for confirmation. Repeat this confirmation until the food required by the customer is produced.


    Completion Time

    Once the machine that can produce the food you want is completed, we will sell it at an appropriate price.

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