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    Query, design and production

    Since its establishment, "shaping customer needs" is our constant philosophy.
    In response to customer requirements, we have an integrated system from query to design and production. The technicians themselves pay special attention to the ingredients and cooking methods, and through careful and careful production of each component, a food machine that can realize "delicious" was born.

    Before delivery, we also conduct test runs with customers and provide technical guidance with technicians. In addition, in case of failure, we also provide fast follow-up service. Creating "delicious" technical skills, consistent production system and subsequent maintenance are the reasons why our food machinery is loved all over the world.

    Query / Design / Production Process


    Specification decision

    Determine the specifications of the machine to be manufactured considering the size and production capacity of the food required by the customer.



    Conduct simulation before design, and then check the machine specifications again. If there are no problems here, this specification will become the basis of all subsequent processes.


    Design Scheme

    After simulation, technicians will draw drawings according to the specifications.


    View Details

    We will check the details in detail to ensure that the drawings meet your requirements.


    Production Management

    We arrange materials and processing according to the drawings, and determine the production process according to the delivery date.


    Part processing / inspection

    The Engineer shall process and inspect the parts and complete the parts required for assembly


    Assembly Manufacturing

    After the completion of the machine, we will carry out trial operation and adjustment in the presence of the customer. In this case, if necessary, we will provide guidance on operation and maintenance methods.



    After all processes are completed, we will ship the goods.


    After-Sale Service

    In case of trouble, we have a perfect after-sales service system. For more information about our after-sales service here, please visit.

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