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    Precautions for Oiling Food Processing Machinery Chain

    Aug. 29, 2021

    Food processing machinery requires regular maintenance, and oiling the chain is one of them. So, do you know the precautions for oiling the chain of food processing machinery? Let's take a look!
    1. When using oil, pour the oil bottle over, and the oil will drip. The defect is that the amount of oil is not easy to control. If it is not too much trouble, you can use a syringe, the effect is a little better.
    2. Because there are many places to refuel, first make a mark on the chain with an oil-based pen, and then apply the oil from the beginning of the mark, and then you will be finished when you encounter the mark. Use a syringe to drip oil on both sides of the chain.
    3. After finishing up, let it stand for a few minutes to let the oil penetrate all the chains.
    Fourth, the oil left in the chain will only stick to ash. Wrap the chain with a dry rag and turn the crank to wipe off the excess oil.
    The above are the precautions for oiling the food processing machinery chain, do you understand? I hope to help you! If you want to know more about food processing machinery, please call our company and we will try our best to answer you! You can also follow our company website for more detailed information!

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