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    Six Reasons for Choosing a Vacuum Beater

    Aug. 28, 2021

    For enterprises such as hot pot ingredients, the continuous flow of slurry maintains the normal operation of the production line like blood. Therefore , the powerful beater of Yangzhou Foods is like the heart of the production workshop. It is very important. Without it, all All production links must be shut down. Yangzhou Foods will show you the advantages of the vacuum beater.
    1. Automatic feeding and unloading, reducing the labor intensity of the beater.
    2. Evacuate with a cover to reduce dust in the workshop, improve the quality of beating, and increase the yield by 2% to 5%.
    3. Insulation, ice water cooling. The temperature of the slurry is controlled to ensure that the time and technical parameters of the slurry can be executed smoothly and correctly.
    4. It can be equipped with refrigeration function to solve the difficulty of beating process of fresh meat in the market (it is very effective for high-end meatball production in Chaoshan, Fujian and other places, and the efficiency is very high.)
    5. The beating knife can be changed, and different beating can be selected according to the quality of beating process. The knives are matched to achieve perfect craftsmanship.
    6. You can enter the automatic beating process to solve problems that plague enterprise management and slurry quality. There are meatballs, fish balls, intestines and other types of product programs in the program. Customers can program according to their own technology, and food production has entered the digital age.

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