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    Electromagnetic Heating Frying Line


    The DCL series large-scale frying line adopts a full oil longitudinal filter residue system and frequency conversion speed regulation to increase frying output and increase production efficiency. The fryer is made of all stainless steel and consists of an automatic lifting system, a unique product conveying system, a slag discharge system, a heating system, an oil circulation system, an oil discharge system, etc. It is suitable for users whose food frying time is between 15 seconds and 15 minutes. need.

    Features of this machine: The heating method of the heating system is not in direct contact with the used oil, which can fully extend the service life of the frying oil for customers, and minimize the acid value, peroxide value, carbonization process of the frying oil, and fried products The appearance, color and taste are all superior to the quality of other frying methods.

    Model Maximum capacity Oil consumption
    YZD300-9.3 2000kg/h 900L
    YZD300-7.5 1.500kg/h 700L
    YZD300-5.5 800kg/h 500L

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