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    Vacuum Refrigeration Mixer


    Product advantages Generate value
    1. Adopt vacuum + refrigeration + anti-skid design. Product structure is first-class, to achieve process perfection.
    2. Vacuum, reduce oxidation during the pulping reaction, reduce oxidation, increase water absorption, and ensure meat, flour, material, water, etc. Perfect combination
    3. Refrigeration type to reduce the influence of temperature changes on the pulp quality, while further preserving the pulp quality
    4. The advanced dual-shaft manual type allows the pulp to be beaten in any rotation mode
    5. The shaft seal is first-class and does not cause slurry leakage
    6. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to maintain, reduce the cost of use, and easy to operate.
    7. Intelligent beating. Digital production of the program can reduce the influence of human factors.


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