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    Intelligent Horizontal Vacuum Beater


    meat pulper


    This product is a new type of beating machine independently designed by our company. The frequency conversion speed-regulating beating machine is the main beating equipment for meatballs, fish balls, sausages and other meat products. This product has good stability during the beating process, fast beating speed, stable base, low power consumption, short pulping time and high pulp quality. The whole machine is made of all stainless steel and can be washed directly with water. It adopts elevator to feed in and open door to discharge, which saves labor and precious time, and greatly improves the efficiency of beating. The touch screen operation is simple and convenient.

    Product Advantages     Produce Value
    ①First feeling, how is it different? Yes, ours is new and low noise. The noise of the production workshop is greatly reduced, the environment of the production workshop is improved, and the energy consumption is reduced.
    ②Transform from traditional partial chopping => overall chopping. Improve the uniformity of production products and improve the restructuring of products.
    3 With vacuum for fish and meat products The slurry is combined under vacuum to reduce the negative effect of oxidation, and to increase the water absorption and water retention capacity of 3%-15% under vacuum, reduce production costs, and improve quality
    ④With refrigeration to offset the heat generated during high-speed chopping, let The product can be processed and produced according to any and multiple complex processes
    ⑤ Programmable operation liberates the beater, can realize program automation production
    ⑥ With automatic feeding and automatic discharging functions to reduce the labor intensity in operation, and can be connected to the production ground pump, Realize full-line automated production.
    ⑦Available output: 50kg, 150kg, 300kg/time optional, equivalent to the capacity of 100, 330/550 choppers, and excellent performance.


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