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    Electromagnetic Heating Boiled Line


    Advantages of water boiling machine
    1. It adopts worm gear drive, stable, durable, less repair and easy to maintain.
    2. Energy-saving, consisting of belt insulation and cover.
    3. The water level is deep at the front and shallow at the back, saving water and air consumption.
    4. Automatic temperature control, front and rear zone temperature control, with lift function.
    5. With water circulation and filtration functions, to ensure water quality. With a suction port, to ensure that the workshop gas is fresh.

    Technical parameters of boiling line 8m+4m 10m+5m 12m+6m
    1000KG/time 380V 120KW 1300KG/time 380V 150KW 1600KG/time 380V
    180KW 12000x1300x1200mm 15000x1300x1200mm 18000x1300x1200mm
    1 year warranty,
    safe, easy to operate, easy to clean,
    efficient, and energy-saving , Less maintenance to
    realize temperature control and conveying automation


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