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    Sealed Air Cooling Line



    ① Using sealed design

    ② It can be docked with the production line and frozen in emergency. 

    ③ The air inlet can be docked with the air purification port. 

    ④ The hot air is greatly reduced in the workshop.

    ⑤ Air volume and temperature can be adjusted

    ⑥ It can be warmed up, and it can quickly cool down. 

    ⑦ It is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and durable.

    Generate Value

    Accelerate the effect of air cooling, improve the sanitation level of the product, and realize fully automated production of 2-3 tons/hour

    The sanitary grade can be exported to Japan and Europe, and the center temperature of the product outlet is normal temperature + 2-3℃ to clean the production environment of the workshop

    Can control the temperature of crystal production and the temperature when it comes out

    Multi-process, reduce the pressure of freezing and increase the output of freezing, low cost and high efficiency

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